Billy John (a goat farmer’s son and once adept goat milker) developed a crippling fear of goats following a brutal childhood prank masterminded by his brother, involving the mutilated corpse of Billy’s pet goat Michael, and the untimely death of his father.


15 years later Billy discovers his brother is still experimenting with goats and has refined a formula to turn them into ferocious carnivores with a taste for human flesh. Billy battles with his goat phobias and launches a bid to save man and goat kind alike from his depraved brother. Predictably, Billy is killed by his brother and his goat progeny, and eventually the world is overrun by half-goat half-human hybrids with only a finite amount of human flesh to feast on.


Following the demise of the human race, and forced to reflect upon their actions, the goat-people begin to evolve and build a democratic vegetarian goat-society, holding Billy as their God and moral compass.


This is the story of the Generation Alpha: 10,000 goats who carved a new civilisation from the remains of mankind.


This is the GOAT Tribe.