What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is used to identify something or someone in a unique way. These items may be digital or physical and represent things like art, ids, tickets etc

Fungible is being of such nature or kind as to be freely exchangeable or replaceable, in whole or in part, for another of like nature or kind.

Therefore Non- fungible would have polar opposite characteristics

  • Unique

  • Irreplaceable

  • Non-interchangeable

How many GOATs are in collection 1?

GOAT Tribe is a collection of 10,000 one of one illustrated characters minted on the Cardano blockchain. Randomly assembled by an algorithm using python, every one of the Tribe Members is unique

What are the benefits of joining?

There are many benefits of joining the Tribe. One of our favorites is the incredible community that awaits you. In addition there are many rewards including exclusive access to all GOAT tribe store drops, access to member only sections, and personal and commercial use of your goats, and many more exciting features and utility.

Do I have the rights for my GOAT?

Each GOAT tribe CNFT that you own instantly grants you personal and commercial rights to create your own brand. Please see licensing for more information.

What is a Vanguard?

What was originally a collection of about 40 GOATs given to influential community members, has now turned into our ambassador program. Lookout for our many Vanguard members in the wild representing what it means to be a GOAT!

What are your policy IDs?


Series 1


Helloween 2021: Holder Airdrop


Baphomet: 1 off Charity Piece

GTFO 2021: Holder Airdrop

What is an ISPO

ISPO stands for “Initial stake pool offering,” and creates a revolutionary fair funding mechanism. More fair than an IPO/ICO, the user does not spend their cryptocurrency, rather pledge their rewards towards the stake pool operating the event.

Stake pools on the Cardano network to help distribute native assets and allow users to delegate their future reward towards a desired goal. In exchange brands may reward the user for their participation.

How do I delegate to the $GRASS ISPO?

From July 29th (epoch 354) head to ispo.goattribe.io and press the stake button. Once you select your wallet it will ask you to sign your transaction. Congratulations you are now ready for the $GRASS ISPO!

*Note: If you are using Daedalus or Yoroi, please search for the ticker: UNI1.

What is $GRASS

$GRASS is our utility token that helps power and incentivize the GOAT tribe Ecosystem.

The policy number for $GRASS is: 32cc9c6c3456bc048d14a4a8e4ee3592e9664e8daac921a8ef52d92a

What is the Ticker for the $GRASS ISPO?

What if I don’t want to delegate my entire wallet?

Not to worry, Cardano makes that easy! Many wallets allow a user to create a separate account and delegate to multiple pools! We encourage the use of delegating to more than one pool!

How much $GRASS?

Each user who delegates at least 1 $ADA to UNI1 will receive .01 $GRASS up to saturation of the pool.

Do I need a GOAT Tribe NFT to participate in the $GRASS ISPO?

NO! You only need 1 $ADA to support the GOAT Tribe and to start receiving $GRASS!

Does my GOAT have utility for the ISPO?

It does! Your goat not only acts as a symbol for the user but can be used to provide our members with exclusive perks like BONUS REWARDS! Each GOAT Tribe NFT unlocks the power to increase your $GRASS rewards by up to 2.15x!

Do I need to have my GOATs and $ADA in the same wallet?

We recommend having your GOATs and the wallet you intend to delegate with under the same account. This way you do not miss any bonus rewards!

What is the max supply of $GRASS?

Unlike a majority of Fungible Tokens, $GRASS has a very low max supply and will be distributed directly to our community. The max supply is 27,182,818 which is based on Euler–Mascheroni constant.

What is the Utility of $GRASS?

$GRASS is a Fungible Token on top of the Cardano blockchain. As Cardano expands their capabilities so too will $GRASS. We have chosen to focus on a few ways users can use the $GRASS. Currently, $GRASS can already be used as collateral with our partners' lending pond & Fluid Tokens. Soon $GRASS will be used inside GOAT Tribes' ecosystem for discounts on everything including royalty fees, discounts on merchandise, and even $GRASS BACK!

$GRASS will also be used in our upcoming staking dashboard to launch and as a community reward. If you would like to know more about $GRASS check out our whitepaper!

How much should I delegate?

The minimum amount of $ADA required to stake is 1 $ADA, however, you can stake as much $ADA as you want! Make sure to read our $GRASS whitepaper for full details on rewards being given out

Why delegate with UNI1?

Staking to UNI1 directly supports GOAT Tribe and its ecosystem to continue producing the brand you know and love. We will be also giving out the following:

  • A custom 1/1 GOATIA NFT: awarded to the user who stakes the most amount of GOATs & ada for the longest period.

  • Psy GOAT NFTs: awarded to users who stake at least 1000 ada for a minimum of 18 epochs per 1 GOAT tribe NFT in their wallet

  • Baby GOAT NFTs: awarded to users who stake at least 500 ada for a minimum of 18 epochs.


Will the baby/psy goats have any particular utility in the GT ecosystem?

Upon launch of GOAT Tribe’s Staking dashboard, ALL policy IDs that have been created will be eligible for staking rewards!

Why 99.9% margin?

We feel this is the fairest option. With the addition of multi-delegation on Cardano, you can delegate any amount of your total $ADA, whether 5% or 100%. This allows the user to control the amount they want to stake

Example: User owns 1000 $ADA and delegates their entire wallet. This would be the equivalent of using 99.99% of your total reward to obtain $GRASS. In contrast, if that same user only delegated 500 $ADA that would be the equivalent of staking 1000 $ADA to a 50/50 pool.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out about GOAT Tribe and its ecosystem on our webpage goattribe.io

What is the GOATIA

The GOATIA will be our 2nd NFT sale to date. While many projects reskin, or render their attributes in 3d. GOAT Tribe has decided to redesign a new collection from the inside out! These GOATs will be found using your DNA kits.

What are the DNA Kits used for?

DNA Test kits will trace the lineage of your OG GOAT Tribe NFT & mint a GOATIA

Who is Abe?